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One of the most common problems that affect properties is water damage. Water damage can result from either a damaged pipe, an AC unit with faulty parts or just bad luck at restoring service after storms have passed- but it doesn’t stop there. Leaks also occur when pipes burst on their own due to wastewater treatment plants’ overload during times of heavy rainfall, which results in flooding downspouts and gutters leading directly into your home.

Leakage is all too real for many homeowners, specifically those who live close enough where they’re prone to frequent floods. When you’ve been in flood and your property is damaged, My Restoration Now of DC SE has the services you need to get back on track with their one-stop shop for all water damage restoration services.

SE DC Residential Water Damage Restoration

At My Restoration Now of DC SE, we are all about restoring peace and comfort for our clients. We strive to make life more enjoyable by helping with everything from fixing your home’s foundation up. Our team of professionals will survey the damage before creating customized solutions to get your home looking new again. 


We have vast experience working with insurance companies and can help you through every step in claiming, so don’t hesitate any longer. The quicker the process starts, the better your chance of keeping the damages minor. The more minor the damage means there’ll be less to restore later when it’s time to bring everything back into shape again, so call us today before your problems continue to worsen.



We all know that loss is difficult to bear. The task of deciding what pieces of property are salvageable from your personal effects and photos can seem daunting, but our team here at My Restoration Now of DC SE makes it easier than ever before. You need to act quickly after a disaster, and our water damage restoration services will help bring some sense back into the chaos by identifying items worthy of preservation

SE DC Commercial Water Damage Restoration

We’ve got your water problem solved. From commercial properties to homes across t D.C., we provide innovative solutions that safely remove moisture from walls and ceilings without compromising the structural integrity or aesthetics of spaces you care about most. 


Our team will be there with state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for commercial situations. Our commercial water damage restoration services are of the highest quality.

My Restoration Now of DC SE is here for homeowners who require help maintaining hygienic standards in their commercial properties while at the same time need to preserve assets worth protecting. 


Assets such as architectural features and fixtures made out of wood, flooring, carpets, wall paint, artwork, pictures, and other essentials.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

SE DC Mold Remediation

Have you been affected by a recent flooding or water event? Your home could become infested with mold. If the guarding the damage is not adequate, it can lead to more severe problems such as pest growth and structural decay that could ultimately cost thousands in repairs.

Mold isn’t just unsightly. It poses an aesthetic threat for homeowners at risk of losing value on their properties due to its presence. It’s also unhealthy because some toxins may cause respiratory issues (and even cancer) if inhaled without adequate protection equipment during remediation efforts.

If you are looking for a professional and high-quality mold remediation service, then My Restoration Now of DC SE is the company to call. Why wait until your property renders inaccessible because unwanted growth covers the surface? We’re here now.

SE DC Fire Damage Restoration

My Restoration Now of DC SE is your one-stop-shop for all fire and smoke damage needs. Whether you’ve suffered minor property damage due to an unattended cooking accident or require our complete services, we will get the job done right.
When you need professional and reliable fire damage restoration, smoke removal services for your home or place of business, we can provide what is necessary. 


Our excellent customer service will ensure that the quality is top-notch. At the same time, our material warranties are unmatched in this industry to give peace of mind knowing what’s going on on-site meets all standards necessary – no matter how large or small an estimate needs, make sure it gets handled right.

SE DC Flood Damage Restoration

Floods have a devastating effect on your home and business, so we want to help. Our team will go the extra mile for you with any necessary professional services. You deserve reliability when it comes time for restoration work in places like basements flooded by recent storms.

At my Restoration Now of DC SE, we’re more than just a flood damage restoration service. We do so much more than flood damage restoration, including our ability to work directly with your insurance provider, which means you won’t have to deal with red tape during what is typically a very stressful and challenging situation.

Flood Damage Restoration - My Restoration Now NW DC

SE DC Plumbing Leaks and Burst Pipes

Water damage can happen at any time, and you need the proper preparation. Our team of experienced plumbers is on call 24/7 whenever your home or business may have been affected by hazardous water leakages, burst pipes, faucet breaks, etc., caused by freezing weather conditions- whatever the cause.

Our top-notch plumbing repair services will come to fix what’s wrong fast so that there aren’t any long-term problems with frozen pipes causing expensive repairs later down the road.

Why Choose My Restoration Now of SE Washington DC?

My Restoration Now of DC SE is IICRC certified and AMRT-accredited to deal with all your water damage restoration needs. We have excellent customer service and the highest ratings; Our experience makes us perfect for any job.


The combination of our award-winning reputation as well as our latest technology will help you get back on track fast from any disaster that may come along. Give us a call now because we are available 24 hours, seven days per week.


My Restoration Now of DC SE offers its water and fire restoration and mold remediation services to all residents in SE Washington DC. Our team can save you time and money by ensuring that your disaster resolves as quickly as possible







For all our services and estimates, contact us at 202-883-4592.

The Southeast quadrant of Washington, D.C., capital of the United States, also known as SE or S. E. It is situated south of East Capitol Street, east of South Capitol Street. It encompasses the Capitol Hill and Anacostia areas and the Navy Yard, Joint Base Anacostia–Bolling (JBAB), U.S. Marine Barracks, and the Anacostia River waterfront. Including the Eastern Market. Several Civil War-era forts left, including the historic St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. RFK Stadium, Nationals Park, and the Congressional Cemetery. The landmark “The Big Chair” sits on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. Anacostia River folks frequently refer to the portion west of the river as “Near Southeast.” It is the second-smallest quadrant geographically.


Politically, Southeast encompasses most of Ward 8 and a large portion of Ward 6 and Ward 7. Marion Barry, the former mayor, Washington, D.C., was D.C. Council Member for Ward 8 from November 23rd, 2014, until his death. Nationals Park, the current baseball park for Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals, opened in Southeast in March 2008. Access to Southeast Washington, D.C., is made possible by the Blue, Orange, Green, and Silver Lines in the Washington Metro. Some residents of Washington, D.C., were aware that the quadrant had a high crime rate in years past. The Anacostia quadrant is tree-lined, and neighbors are plentiful. There are limited shopping, dining, and entertainment options in the Anacostia quadrant. Residents often travel to the suburbs or downtown for these services. 


Many neighborhoods of the black middle class in the Southeast quadrant include Hillcrest, Penn Branch, and Fort Dupont. Some of the city’s wealthiest areas are located northwest of Anacostia, comprising the southern half of the politically connected Capitol Hill neighborhood. Cultural activities include the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday parade, the Fort Dupont Park weekly jazz concerts, Fort Dupont Ice-rink, the Anacostia Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, and the Anacostia Arts Center. THEARC is an art and learning center for youth on Mississippi Avenue. The southeast quadrant has a population of approximately 226,084.


Southeast has a beautiful riverfront, many public spaces, and parks with a youthful vibe and active culture. Several transit options, including the Navy Yard Metro station and bus service. The Circulator bus connects to Union Station and Capitol Hill. You can even take a water taxi. There are also pockets of crime, as in most urban areas. Before you rent or buy, research crime statistics. Military spouses do not always recommend DC schools. 


The District of Columbia offers a school lottery should your child’s school not be your first choice. DC also offers free preschool. Southeast DC includes the area south and east of East Capitol Street. (Think of the Capitol Building at the center of a compass). It extends beyond the Anacostia River to include the “East of the River” area. 


Southeast is home to a vibrant African American culture and a rich African American history. It has seen significant revitalization in the last few decades. The Navy Yard ceased operations after World War II, and the District’s commercial heart moved to downtown. The area was ripe for crime, neglect, and the abandonment of warehouses and community divestments meant the river was no longer polluted. 


You’ll still find crime in certain areas, like all urban cities, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Many new high-rises are situated near the water, and Capitol Hill has charming tree-lined streets lined with row homes and local shops. Established in 2008, Nationals Park, home to the Washington Nationals pro baseball team, is in the Southeast Quadrant of Washington, D.C. It has brought many restaurants, grocers, and parks to the Southeast Riverfront. The Yards Park and Capitol Park, two fantastic parks by the river, are always bustling with activity. The Eastern Market, a popular food and art market in Capitol Hill’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, is only one mile from the Navy Yard.


Southeast is home to people of all ages. Singles and young couples choose to live in affordable apartments, townhomes, and English basements (lowest level of a brownstone or townhouse). It’s also a diverse community that welcomes many immigrant groups from rich cultures. The area is easily accessible by foot, and residents are active.


You’ll find high-rise apartments close to the Riverfront with new restaurants, parks, and community spaces. The homes become more expensive as you move further north to Capitol Hill. Young families love to live near the Eastern Market because of the proximity to parks, restaurants, and shopping. They also enjoy the slower pace and less raucous nightlife. Southeast DC is a wonderful place to live, work, and play.


My Restoration Now serves the following Southeast D.C. neighborhoods:


Anacostia, Navy Yard, Congress Heights, Marshall Heights, Hillcrest, Washington Highlands, Fort Dupont, Skyland, Randle Highlands, Naylor Gardens, Dupont Park, Capitol View, Fairfax Village, Benning Ridge, Civic Betterment, Fairlawn, Carver/Langston, Woodland, Buena Vista, Greenway, Lincoln Heights. If you don’t see your neighborhood listed, give us a call, chances are we can serve you too!


My Restoration Now of SE DC serves the following zip codes:

20002, 20003, 20019, 20020, 20024, 20032, 20373


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