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My Restoration Now of Arlington; Your Ultimate Water Damage Restoration Solution

Unfortunately, most water damage is out of our control and might require emergency care. We are here to help you live in the home as comfortably and safely as possible while we resolve this unfortunate situation for both parties involved with getting it fixed up again.


My Restoration Now of Arlington offers a variety of services to help you with water damage emergencies. We employ the latest techniques and equipment, so your home will never look like it has suffered from any floods or other disasters again. We understand just how much this can affect people’s lives – that is why our team offers comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for each unique situation, no matter what type of water damage you may be experiencing at any given time.

At My Restoration Now of Arlington, we are at the top of the game. 


Our team works fast and efficiently to restore your property to its original state. We use all available water mitigation services so that you can have peace of mind, knowing our technicians took care in preserving any remaining value on such a difficult time.



We specialize in providing residential and commercial restoration solutions for every type of disaster: water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire damage, flooding, or plumbing leaks and burst pipe repairs. We leave all our customers feeling satisfied when they walk away from their appointment, which drives us daily.

Arlington Residential Water Damage Restoration

Knowing the common causes of water damage can help you prevent a more severe problem from developing. Even if your project seems minimal, it’s essential to reach out for our professional help because minor issues could turn into big messes in later stages when left unchecked.


My Restoration Now of Arlington provides fast, reliable residential water damage restoration services tailored to your needs. We have the experience you need and will be able to restore any area damaged by flood or other emergencies quickly so you can start moving on with getting back into living life again.


We have a wide range of services for all your needs. We’ll ensure you’re never disappointed with what we can provide, from the best tools and materials to knowledgeable professionals. Call us today to get our estimates and our residential water damage restoration.

Arlington Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be a severe problem in commercial spaces, and it’s essential to understand how this type of water-related issue may affect your business. 


This scenario arises due to various causes, including plumbing leaks or roof structure decay, which cause flooding and excess humidity, causing damages to wood, drywall, office furniture, or even important documents.

Water damage can cause extensive structural and financial damages to your property. You need a team that will take care of everything for you, including quick reaction with quality restoration services to prevent further problems from occurring.



At My Restoration Now of Arlington, we have IICRC certified technicians on hand to help stop and assess the spread of damage. Our team can restore your commercial property to its original condition with a quick turnaround time.

Once our technicians have completed a comprehensive assessment of the water and moisture in your building, they’ll proceed with removal techniques that leave no trace. The State-of-the-art dehumidifiers we use help remove all residual moisture from within a structure. 


Extraction equipment extracts any excess liquid directly outside to avoid damage or cross-contamination during commercial water damage restoration.



The restoration process also includes repairing structural damages and restoring furnishings damaged by excessive humidity levels before disinfecting affected areas.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Arlington Mold Remediation

It’s hard to imagine finding mold in your home, but it does happen. When this happens, you might wonder how to remove the foreign substance or what it will cost to remove said molds and toxins.


At My Restoration Now of Arlington, we believe that your family’s safety comes first. Our team will arrive on time. Being IICRC certified professionals, our technicians will follow the proper mold remediation procedure, right from mold inspection, testing, mold removal, and mold cleanup, hence preventing further mold infestation.

Arlington Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage to your property is one of the most traumatizing and frightening experiences a person can have. Fire, smoke, and soot damage can destroy your possessions and make you feel completely lost. My Restoration Now of Arlington is here for you when disaster strikes, and we won’t let anything get in our way.


My Restoration Now’s fast-acting fire damage restoration team quickly cleans up any remaining smoldering materials while also removing harmful toxins from your home or business. They begin to return your property to its original state as soon as possible with minimal disruption of daily life activities.


We know you are still recovering from the fire damage, and we want to make it easier for you by working with your insurance provider as well. We also accept claims on behalf of those who need help getting their homes or businesses back up and running after a disaster like this one.


Arlington Flood Damage Restoration

When the unexpected happens and your property is affected by water damage, My Restoration Now of Arlington can help. With just one call, we handle everything from initial assessment to cleanup and flood damage restoration. We even work directly with your insurance company for a convenient, streamlined process.



Our flood damage restoration specialists will assess the damages and create a personalized solution for you when we arrive. We’ll restore your property to pre-loss condition using our expertise with tools specific in addressing every type of cleanup situation, so there’s no need for guesswork when it comes time to get things cleaned up.


We have the training needed to clean up excess water caused by floods and diagnose any damage left behind. We use advanced tools and safely remove unwanted water from your property so you can get back on track with minimal fuss.

Flood Damage Restoration - My Restoration Now NW DC

Arlington Plumbing Leaks and Burst Pipes

When you need a plumber, there’s no better company than My Restoration Now of Arlington. Our technicians are ready to help with any plumbing leak or burst pipe repair service that is needed. Our technicians are available 24/7 to answer your repair needs, so don’t hesitate to call.

Once the technician has located a leaking or burst pipe, they remove and replace it with an active part. After successfully installing the new feature, the professional will turn on the water flow and ensure that the water is running smoothly and there are no leaks.

Why Choose My Restoration Now of Arlington?

At My Restoration Now of Arlington, our reputation precedes us. Our excellent customer service and the best quality and material warranties in the industry speak for themselves.

Our company is IICRC certified and AMRT-accredited, which means we have the capability to attend to all your water damage restoration needs. We’re an accredited, licensed, and insured company with the highest ratings as well. For any questions or concerns, contact us anytime 24/7 -we’ll be happy to help you out as fast as possible


For all your water damage restoration services in Arlington, VA, My Restoration Now of Arlington is your one-stop-shop. Visit us at our offices for estimates and our services.







For our services, contact us at 703-997-8270.

Arlington Public Schools manages the public K-12 education system for the county. There are 22 elementary schools, six middle schools (Dorothy Hamm Middle School and Gunston Middle School), Kenmore Middle School and Swanson Middle School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School), and three public high schools (Wakefield Washington-Liberty High School. Arlington Tech and H-B Woodlawn are two other public schools.
Arlington County spends approximately half its local revenue on education. FY2013 saw 83 percent of funding come directly from local revenue and 12 percent from state funds. The average pupil’s spending is $18,700. The average pupil size is significantly higher than Fairfax County’s 13600 or Montgomery County’s 14,000. Arlington’s school board comprises five members. Each member of the school board serves a four-year term. Virginia law forbids political parties to put school board candidates on the election ballot. 


Fairfax County Public Schools has agreed that allows 26 students from Arlington enroll in Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Fairfax County Public Schools approved the agreement in 1999.
Arlington pays $8,000 per student. Arlington allows eight students to be enrolled in the selective high school. The school was first to admit more students. Northern Virginia’s Roman Catholic Diocese Arlington provides Catholic education. It provides education in elementary and middle schools and early learning centers. The Catholic high school in Arlington County is Bishop Denis J. O’Connell. Marymount University is Arlington’s only university. The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary found it in 1950. North Glebe Road is home to the main campus and the Ballston Center. There is a shuttle service between the campuses.

The Arlington campus of George Mason University is in Virginia Square between Clarendon & Ballston. It houses the Antonin Scalia law school, School of Policy, Government and International Affairs, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution. Virginia Tech’s Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington opened in Ballston in June 2011. It is a teaching and research center for computer science and engineering graduate students. They interact with other organizations and research agencies in the National Capital area. Rosslyn is home to some of the University of Virginia’s business programs. These include McIntire School of Commerce Master of Science and Management of Information Technology and Darden School of Business Master of Business Administration, Executive/Global.

Arlington is home to several private and technical colleges, such as the Institute for the Psychological Sciences and the John Leland Center for Theological Studies. The city is also home to Strayer University’s campus. Arlington houses campuses of Banner College, Everest College, George Washington University, and Argosy University. Arlington is part of the regional core transport network. Interstate 66 is the county’s northern portion and Interstate 395 East the eastern part. High-occupancy vehicles are subject to restrictions, so there are lanes and lanes.

The George Washington Memorial Parkway also serves the county. Arlington County has 376 miles (605km) of roads. Arlington’s street names follow a common countywide convention. Below are the alphabetical street names that correspond to the north-south. They start with one-syllable street names and then move to two, three, and four-syllable addresses. Ball Street is the first alphabetical street. Arizona is the last. Many streets that run east and west have numbers. Route 50 divides Arlington County into two parts. They labeled the streets North above Route 50 and South below Route 50. Arlington boasts over 100 miles (160km) of bike trails. One can find these trails along major highways and abandoned railroad tracks, as well as the Potomac River.

The League of American Bicyclists awarded Arlington a Silver ranking in Fall 2015. This was for its bike infrastructure. Arlington was home to 207,627 people, 98.050 households, and 41.607 families, according to the 2010 census. Arlington, Virginia’s second-largest county, has 8,853 people per square mile. The 2012 US Census showed Arlington had 63.8% non-Hispanic whites, 8.9% Non-Hispanic Black or African Americans, and 0.8% Non-Hispanic Native Americans. 9.9% Non-Hispanic Asians; 0.1% Pacific Islander, and 0.2% Non-Hispanic Other Races. 3.0% non-Hispanics reporting over one race. 15.4% of the population were Hispanics/Latinos (Hispanics/Latinos from any race, 2.5% Bolivian, 1.5% Guatemalan and 0.8% Puerto Ricans), 0.8% Peruvians and 0.7% Peruvians; 1.5% Bolivian and 0.6% Colombian.

Arlington’s foreign-born residents made up 28% of the population in 2000. 19.30% of households had children under 18 years old, 35.30% in married couples, 7.00% in a female householder without a husband, and 54.50% in non-families. 40% of households were composed of individuals and 7.30% of households had at least one 65-year-old member. The average household size was 2.15, and the average family size 2.96. According to the Census Bureau, DC has a lower proportion of single-parent families than that of 6% nationally. It based these numbers on data from 2006 to 2008. DC had the highest single-parent household rate at 45% during the same time period.

Arlington had the highest single rate in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, at 70.9%. 14.3% were married. 14.8% of residents have children. Arlington was the largest U.S. city with the second-highest number of roommates in 2014. According to a 2007 study, Arlington had a median household income of $94,876, while its family income was 127,000. Arlington’s median income for males was $51,011, while the median income for females was $41,552. The county’s per capita income was $37 706. Arlington County had a per capita income of $37 706. The county’s per capita income was $37 706.

Arlington county’s per capita income was $37,706. This included 9.10% for children under 18 and 7.00% for those 65 and older. Age distribution was 16.50% among the under-18s, 10.40% between 25-44 and 45-64, 21.30% from 25 to 44, 21.30% between 25-64, 21.30% between 45-64, 22.30% between 25-44 and 23.30% between 25-44 and 21.30% respectively between 25-64, 21.30% Between 25-44 and 25-64, 21.30%between 45-64, 22.30% between 45-64, 21.30%between 45-64, 55 and 64, and 64, and 65-plus, and 21.30% for those aged 55-to 64. The median age was 34.
There were 101.50 men for every 100 females. They found 100 males for every 100 females over 18 years old. CNN Money ranked Arlington the most educated in 2006, with 35.7% of its residents holding graduate degrees. Arlington, Loudoun County, and five Northern Virginia counties were among the 20 top American counties with the highest household incomes in 2006. 


Arlington came in second place (behind Loudoun County), for the 8.82% of residents 25-34 who earned more than $100,000 annually. CNN Money placed Arlington seventh on its August 2011 “Best Places to Live Rich and Single” list. 2008 saw 20% of the country’s population not having any type of health insurance. 2010 saw a 34,555 AIDS prevalence per 100,000 people. This was nearly eight times the Loudoun County rate and less than a quarter of the District of Columbia’s AIDS prevalence. 2009 crime statistics revealed that there were two homicides and 15 forcible sexual attacks, as well as one robbery. There were also 145 robberies, 145 assaults or aggravated assaults, 319 Robberies, 4140 cases of larceny, and 297 reports on vehicle stolen. All categories saw lower 2009 numbers than in the previous year. A 2016 study found Arlington to be the best place to retire. Alexandria came in second. The study examined the cost of living and rates of property crime and violent crime, walkability and quality, senior well-being, and other factors.



Arlington, VA includes the following neighborhoods:

Court House, Virginia Square, Arlington Mill, Crystal City, Pentagon City, Shirlington, Rosslyn, Arlington Ridge, Arlington Heights Historic District, Colonial Village, Arlington Village, Fairlington, Westover, Cherrydale, Yorktown, Fort Myer, Lyon Village, Barcroft, Bluemont, Penrose, Dominion Hills, Nauck
Lyons Park, Arlington Forest, Bellevue Forest, Radnor- Fort Myer Heights, North Rosslyn, Long Branch Creek, Alcova Heights, Glencarlyn, Walker Chapel, Highland Park, Tara- Leeway Heights, Waycroft -Woodlawn, Chain Bridge Forest, Arlington View, Foxcroft Heights, Glebewood, Dover Crystal, Arna Valley, Aurora Highlands, Woodmont, Leeway, Columbia Heights, Gulf Branch, Williamsburg, North Highland, RockSpring, Brockwood, Westmont, Boulevard Manor


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My Restoration Now of Arlington, VA is here for you when mold, fire damage, or water damage strikes. Our commercial water damage restoration team of specialists quickly assesses the damage and gets to work resolving it immediately. Our team uses advanced equipment to ensure we are thorough with our remediation and restoration efforts. For mold, we make sure further growth is halted and won’t continue to spread, thus further damaging other areas within your property.

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