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Mold Remediation

The key to fighting mold is having an action plan. If you wait until it’s too late, the damage will be done, and your family may suffer from health problems as well. Mold can cause many different diseases in humans, including neurological disorders or respiratory issues, so taking care of them quickly could save lives.


When mold invades your home, it can cause serious health problems and even damage to property. My Restoration Now responds quickly with the most advanced equipment for determining water sources, so we don’t have you deal with any clean-up or restoration process yourself.

When you call My Restoration Now, we’ll be on the scene quickly with our advanced equipment and experience in mold mitigation. Your professional team will then determine where your water source is for this problem before working together to have it cleaned up as fast as possible while minimizing disruption of family life.



My Restoration Now professional mold remediation contractors work closely with you and the occupants of your building so that we can execute our remediation efforts while minimizing any potential disruption. We will also provide tips on how best to handle this unfortunate situation for both yourself, as well as other employees, or family members who might be affected by it.

Our Mold Remediation Service

When you’re in need of mold remediation, don’t settle for anything less than exceptional service. My Restoration Now is here to provide that and more! Our crews are trained professionals who work hard every day on your behalf – ensuring all industry regulations are met while providing outstanding remediation service throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C areas with our expertise handled at an affordable price point too.


My Restoration Now provides unmatched customer satisfaction by meeting everyday needs for commercial properties in Northern Virginia, including Fairfax County VA; Prince William County VA ; Loudoun County VA  tailor-made individualized solutions specific to each client’s property.


At My Restoration Now, we know that mold is everywhere. It can grow fast and spread easily if left unchecked – which means you need professional help as soon as possible! One of our first steps in any restoration process will be to find out where all those moisture leaks are coming from (especially on the ceiling). Then once we’ve located a source for your water damage or wet insulation problem, it’s time to work up some containment techniques, so this doesn’t happen again. Place certified air filtration devices strategically placed around each affected area – because, without proper negative pressure zones surrounding them, those pesky little spores would just float right back into place after being blown away by.


We will then clean up any mold, remove all materials affected by it and sanitize your air ducts. We also conduct a thorough cleaning process for you after remediation work is complete.


Residential Mold Remediation Service

Mold can be regarded as a big problem for your home. The good news is that you don’t need to go through this alone, and there are professional mold removal contractors such as My Remediation Now who will help take care of the situation quickly, efficiently – without any hassle or expense on your part.

You can remove mold by yourself. However, improper removal could cause more harm than good and might even lead to a worse situation in the end! That’s why it is important for homeowners with this problem-solution team of experts on their side are best suited for tackling what may seem like an insurmountable task at first glance – but they’re up for anything that comes along our way because we know how difficult these situations really get when professionals take care of them quickly & effectively.


As a licensed and highly experienced mold remediation company in Northern Virginia, My Restoration Now is the right choice. Our residential cleanup professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove bacteria from your home, or business’s affected areas with an antimicrobial solution while using HEPA filtration for vacuum cleaning any airborne spores present on site – which means you can breathe easy knowing no one else will be breathing those same toxins into their own lungs.


Commercial Mold Remediation Service

My Restoration Now understands the importance of your time and investment, which is why we take great care to get all dangerous mold hazards out quickly so you can get back on track.


Mold in commercial buildings has been shown repeatedly as something that could put not only people but also property at risk for major problems such as reduced structural integrity or serious infection, among other things, when left unchecked long enough. At My Restoration Now, our number one priority each day starts with making sure everything falls within code before it gets remediated – this will help decrease any future losses since these violations would have previously led directly into lost revenue without them being fixed right away.


We’re a 24/7 emergency services company that specializes in removing and cleaning up mold. We have trained technicians with the latest equipment, fully licensed certified professionals who are willing to go to help during times of need. Give us your location so we can get started on fixing it today.


24/7 Emergency Services

My Restoration Now is here to help with 24/7 emergency residential and commercial mold remediation service. We know every minute counts, so if you are suffering from a water damage emergency, call us now.


In case you have an unexpected disaster like a flood or fire and need quick cleanup services, don’t hesitate to call us or get in touch because My  Restoration Now has got your back covered during these difficult times.


Why Choose Our Mold Remediation Service?

My Restoration Now has become a top restoration and remediation company because we are the fastest, most affordable mold removal service in Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas. Our fast response times mean no one else will have to clean up your mess – you call us. And our fair prices mean there’s no need for an arm-wrestling match with those gross black things popping out of nowhere on your walls or ceilings.


Your home or business is important to you and the last thing that you need after an unfortunate event like a flood. You can rest assured with my Restoration Now team by your side through every step of our Mold remediation process- we’re available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, so there won’t ever again be any worries about when things might go wrong (mold returns) because worry does nothing but slow down recovery time. We work quickly without sacrificing quality which means faster drying times than most competitors; plus insurance accepted residential & commercial services too.


Our Service Area


We serve the following areas; Ashburn, Leesburg, Alexandria, Washington, Manassas Park, D.C. Manassas, Fairfax, Purcellville, Vienna, Falls Church, Arlington, Tysons, Sterling, Middleburg, Lansdowne, Brambleton, South Riding, Round Hill, Lovettsville, Hillsboro, Hamilton, Arcola, Moorefield Station, Broadlands, Stone Ridge, Dulles Town Center, Fairfax Station, Fort Belvoir, Herndon, Accotink, Dranesville, Fair Lakes, Langley, Ravensworth, Strathmeade Springs, Mason Neck, West Mclean, Blevinstown, Doveville, Farrs Corner, Westhampton, Hollindale, Lewis Park, Odricks Corner, Cooktown, and Browns Mill.



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