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Fire Damage Restoration Service

Fire is always a stressful experience. It can have toxic effects, travel through the structure of your house, and cause significant damage to its contents – including you. If this has happened, the folks at My Restoration Now, we will use our knowledge with fire-related toxins as well as personal protective equipment to ensure that everything remains safe for both your family and our crew. Those who may return later on to restore what was lost during such an unfortunate event like fires, which unfortunately happen must be safe while doing so. It is our goal to get your home back up again after being closed off due to smoke & flame damage.



We’re the leading fire damage restoration company, and our main goal is to restore your home or business back into pre-fire condition. We specialize in cleaning smoke odors from walls as well as deep-cleaning soot from carpets, upholstery, etcetera.

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Service

When disaster strikes, call My Restoration Now since we have the expertise and capacity to handle small-scale and large-scale fire damage. Our team will work hard so you can get back on your feet fast with best practices adhered to in order for us not only to be efficient but also to provide an excellent service that reflects well upon our company name: My Restoration Now.


When you need a company with years of experience and a proven track record in service, contact My Restoration Now. We will start our work by assessing the damages before starting any isolated process on-site or even coming into your home, for that matter, because we want to ensure safety first.

So as to make sure that your property is safe and its surfaces cleaned, we will assess which items can be salvaged. Afterward, our My Restoration Now team will restore what is in need of it on-site before managing all contractors in this process as well.


Our fire and smoke services are designed to keep your home safe and clean up any damages that might have been caused by the flames or smoke. We offer water extraction from any fire suppression activity; removal of debris, including soot/smoke residue, along with packaging for restoration purposes, all while coordinating with insurance companies if necessary.


Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Before we can begin restoring your home and belongings, you need to know what damage there is. We’re going through a series of inspections on-site before anything begins so that our team knows exactly how best to approach the restoration process for optimal results as little time is spent fixing things up.

A large part of this work includes making sure all structural integrity remains strong because safety comes first with us around here – not just yours either; if something has been compromised by water or fire, then those areas should be addressed right away too without hesitation even though they may seem minor now, due diligence wise when thinking entirely logically at least concerning structures anyways).


Water must be extracted from the structure in order to prevent further damage. We will make sure that soot is removed, carpets cleaned, or painted over if necessary due to its acidic nature, which can cause additional stains on top of existing ones caused by smoke residue. Our crew also cleans upholstery fabrics like pillows cases, curtains, etc., removes any visible burned remains with high-pressure water jetting equipment when available upon request.

Once your home is filled with smoke and soot, you want to make sure it smells good again.


We’ll deodorize the air using specialized equipment that will leave any lingering odors gone for good! Afterward, we can begin fire damage restoration or reconstruction depending on what’s necessary after an emergency like this happens in order to keep our customers safe at all times – which means they should be able to return as soon as possible (or within 24 hours).


Residential Fire Damage Restoration

When you need smoke clean-up and fire restoration after a fire, it can be difficult to find the right people for your needs. My Restoration Now is here to provide reliable services and turn their homes into livable spaces again! We’ve helped thousands of customers like yourself recover from fires without any hassle or uncertainty about where they ought to go next in their recovery process. 


We understand what an overwhelming problem this disaster has brought with its confusion and fearfulness- which brings our goal back full circle: getting everyone out safely as soon as possible, so they don’t feel lost anymore within these confusing times.


Restoring your property to pre-fire condition is a delicate balance between time and money. With our extensive experience in this area, we know how important it is for you not only to get back on track quickly but also to keep expenses under control while still achieving all of those goals.


We specialize in restoring single-family homes from fire damage as well as helping businesses with water restoration projects when there has been flooding or smoke problems over an extended period of time–and much more besides. So contact us today if need be anything related to fire and smoke damage restoration.


Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

You may be able to get back on your feet after a fire if you have the right company. Your property is damaged but not beyond repair? Good news! There are professionals like My Restoration Now who can help with fire and smoke damage clean-up and repairs in order for owners like yourself to start running their businesses again as soon as possible or possibly even reopen them at all following damage caused by fires.


As a premier company that has been helping reestablish businesses after fire and smoke damage for decades, we make sure to use the latest restoration techniques. Our team members come with decades of experience in their respective fields – from structural engineers to cleaning experts (among others). The inspection process is thorough; it includes everything within your commercial facility–from its structure itself to all belongings inside.


You can expect our licensed and highly trained technicians to take care not only about what was lost due to these disasters but also how to use the best approach of getting things back up and running as soon as possible through preventative measures such as washing off the sooty residue using water or air methods accordingly depending upon specific needs at hand.


24/7 Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Service

My Restoration Now is here to help after a disaster. Our team provides emergency fire damage restoration services, and we’ll be immediately available for your residential or commercial property needs, mitigating the effects of smoke-related damages with our innovative strategies that include restoring structures back into pre-fire conditions.


We are committed to helping homeowners get their lives back on track while still working closely alongside them throughout each step during this process – don’t hesitate any longer.


My Restorations now offers fast relief from fires, disasters & other emergencies by providing 24/7 assistance all year long, including holidays when needed most.


Why Choose Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Service

There are innumerable reasons to choose us for your fire and smoke damage restoration needs. We have experience working with all insurance companies, so you can rest assured that we will file any and all claims correctly; 24/7 emergency services make sure our team is available at any time of day if something happens unexpectedly outside of scheduled work hours or even on weekends and in the middle of the night when necessary.


Additionally, our certified professionals have the proper training and know what it takes to get the job done right away without delays which saves time from unnecessary rework down the line (sometimes due). You deserve high-quality service after such an emotional trauma like this – pick up the phone now before someone else does first.


Our Service Area


We serve the following areas; Ashburn, Leesburg, Alexandria, Washington, Manassas Park, D.C. Manassas, Fairfax, Purcellville, Vienna, Falls Church, Arlington, Tysons, Sterling, Middleburg, Lansdowne, Brambleton, South Riding, Round Hill, Lovettsville, Hillsboro, Hamilton, Arcola, Moorefield Station, Broadlands, Stone Ridge, Dulles Town Center, Fairfax Station, Fort Belvoir, Herndon, Accotink, Dranesville, Fair Lakes, Langley, Ravensworth, Strathmeade Springs, Mason Neck, West Mclean, Blevinstown, Doveville, Farrs Corner, Westhampton, Hollindale, Lewis Park, Odricks Corner, Cooktown, and Browns Mill.


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